i made this website like, one night and thought

"oh hell yeah dude, 90s aesthetics that i don't even remember cause i was born in 2003"

and i made this website as a result. just to feel a sense of Anemoia. enjoy. :^)

update! WE ARE SO BACK. I've fully moved into my new flat and i can get back to working on this website! update!

By the way, if you tend to return to this site frequently, it's best to clear your browser cache now and then to get an up to date version of this website!! Just thought i'd let ya know.

Questions you'd probably ask Answers i have (or that i can give)
WHO IN THE SAM HILL ARE YOU!? (oh crap i shoulda said hi...) Hello there! I'm Sammy, i make things for the hell of it. I'm Pansexual, 20 years of age, and i use She/Her pronouns! (im also Trans MtF)
what is this website and why does it look so bad. as i said earlier, this is to pay tribute to old geocities websites that looked. *AHEM* (very good)
what do you plan on doing with this? i'm just going to add random pages and random things to see what sticks and what doesn't. It's just my web dump of random html experiments.
interests? furry art, cool retro stuff, music, anything that's pretty and... idk what else to put here, my interests change and shift from month to month.
what's your favourite food? i LIVE for a good pizza, anything too thin is barebones, anything too chonky would make me choke. You've gotta have that right amount of thickness my fren. Hell even the toppings have to have that right amount of savoury taste, none of your pineapple and ham or chocolate pizza bologna.

And now it's time for a list of pages that i suggest you visit!!!

Now with added buttons! (hover over them to see a breif description)

My Youtube Channel! I upload more frequently there!

some of the images and content on this website isn't made by me, the material in question has either passed its copyright year or is public domain. please don't sue i don't have the money ;-;